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The Token Game: Get paid for playing your favorite games!

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The TokenGame has got some of the best HTML5 games you know and love, and over 200 games in all. One-stop, made for mobile. And yes: gameplay earns you tokens, which convert to cash!

Brand-new mini game APP+! No ads, offline play, and money-making!

If you’re into mini games, you know that “choices” on the PlayStore are packed with in-game ads. They interrupt, distract, and mess-up gameplay.

And you’re not even compensated for the never-ending, in-your-face assault of pop-ups. 

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Higher Payoffs for Tasks

Like, why shouldn’t you be compensated? Ads are taking up YOUR screen space your game time. Your attention is definitely worth bucks for advertisers. And we’ve found a way to get you paid for your time. 

The TokenGame directs its efforts to introducing blockchain technology and the concept of cryptocurrency to a wider audience. By participating in TheTokenGame, you can receive tokens for other tasks such as referring a friend and sharing on social media. There’s absolutely nothing to lose, and a lot to gain.


The GOAT is the official token for The TokenGame. Why?

Because we believe that goats are the Greatest Of All Time! Ok, but seriously, GOAT stands for Games-Only Activity Token. GOATs are interchangeable with ROX in Quarry. Stay tuned on Facebook for this feature, coming up in a few weeks. 

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but goats do!
Sort of. 

It’s true! See for yourself on Twitter following #goatsontrees.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

The Token Game is now available on Google Play, download and start earning today!

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Download The Token Game here.

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