TTG: Your Tokengiving BF during the Thanksgiving Weekend

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By Alex C., Game Expert

I still remember the Thanksgiving when I was 5 years old. 
My parents were adamant on not allowing me to play video games: kids should play outside or learn math. 

So, when things changed and I received an NES including Super Mario Bros, a new love was born, a lifelong love

From Yoshi’s Island to Odyssey, from Nintendo 64 to WII, even Super Mario Cart and Mario Party: Nothing was off-limits for me.

Therefore, for the long Thanksgiving weekend, I have selected a couple of mobile games for you!
Hopefully, they will make you as happy as that NES did with me 20 years ago.

And who said that mobile games can’t be enjoyed with others?

While someone’s snoring on the sofa (someone’s always snoring on the sofa), find a spot to sit with friends or relatives and enjoy these two TOP choices from The Token Game.

And of course …THANK YOU for downloading The Token Game 🙂

Pizza Café

Traditional dishes are an important part of Thanksgiving celebrations: roasted turkey, oyster stew, snowflake potatoes…

Have you ever imagined running a pizzeria with all of this food?

Now you can!

Customers are waiting in line to try your pizze, (“pizza” singular, “pizze” plural in Italian), coffee and more!
Use the cookbook as a reference to prepare Pizze, and satisfy the customers.

Serve them on time and receive a good tip!

Cube Frenzy

If you loved the Super Mario Serie, you’re gonna love Cube Frenzy.

Jumping, running, avoiding monster and spikes, and run towards victory – it recalls Super Mario, in some ways.

Good game with great Music.

Give it a shot! 

Alex C.

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