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By Alex C., Game Expert

Another cloudy Thursday afternoon.

I am sitting alone, surrounded by “my babies” – Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox, Wii etc. – with some joysticks and 100+ games.
I still don’t know what to play, though, and I don’t really feel like playing, maybe..?
An epiphany: I am getting old. 

But I can still remember my golden years, like 20 years ago (and I am 29, so..), when I couldn’t move anything but my fingers to play with my NES: Contra, Chip ‘n Dale.. the best part of my childhood.
And, of course, “Excitebike

Excitebike is a motocross racing video game made by Nintendo.
It debuted as a Famicom game in 1984 in Japan and for the NES in 1985.

It is the very first game of the Excite series; Excitebike 64 followed shortly after.

So, if you’re looking for your “Madeleine” to be brought back in time, Crazy Motorbike has a good, retro taste.

Crazy Motorbike

This HTML5 Game – Crazy Motorbike – is just like the Excitebike.
It is an online racing game that we hand-picked for The Token Game.

How to play:
Nothing particularly difficult, just complete the circuit before the time runs out.

Hope you enjoyed the game! Click here to discover more HTML5 games on The Token Game.
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