How to withdraw your GOAT tokens to ETH

Learn how to withdraw your GOAT tokens and convert them into ETH tokens!

..’cause we don’t play with you,
we just make you play!

With The Token Game, you can earn free GOAT tokens, withdraw them, and get ETH tokens!

Recently we’ve received several requests about the cash-out function on The Token Game

Here are the rules, please read them carefully and feel free to contact us on Facebook or on Twitter if you have any further questions.

The Token Game: Shear profit, no fleecing.

#1 When can I withdraw my GOAT tokens?

The more you help us promote TTG, the sooner you’ll be able to withdraw your GOAT tokens directly from the app.

In other words, it depends on the efforts of the gamers.

  • We’ll open withdrawal from GOAT tokens to ETH tokens when reaches 10,000 DAU (daily active users).
  • We’ll open withdrawal from GOAT tokens to fiat currency (e.g. $USD) when reaches 100,000 DAU.
  • We’ll issue GOAT tokens to be a traded token on crypto exchanges when reaches 1 million DAU.

Here’s the plan:

1.1 GOAT to ROX

We recently partnered with Quarry to allow TheTokenGame users to exchange their GOAT tokens to ROX tokens. Quarry users can earn ROX in-app to be cashed out into ETH tokens. 

How it works:

Everyday, a total of 3000 ROX tokens will be available on TheTokenGame for users to share. 

ROX will be given to users based on the amount of GOAT tokens they put up for exchange.

So: To participate, you must submit GOAT tokens before the deadline to enjoy a share of ROX tokens. 

If you put up 100 GOAT, and a total of 10,000 GOAT were submitted by users, then,you get 100/10,000 = 1% of the 3000 ROX =  30 ROX.

1.2 Limited-time only cash out offers

From time to time, TheTokenGame will host surprise campaigns for users to withdraw their GOAT tokens for US dollars.

Yes, this is completely random and you’ll just have to come back to check occasionally. Actually, we will host contests in TheTokenGame for winners to cash out their GOATs to US dollars. Everyone will get to participate, but only the top winners can cash out.

1.3 Help us get to 1 Million DAUs by sharing TheTokenGame with your friends! 

You’ll be able to cash out whatever amount whenever you want when we reach 1 Million DAUs, that’s daily active users.

We are going to release our milestones for withdraws through App Push Notification and Facebook page.

So, please make sure your app NOTIFICATION is ON and keep yourself tuned on our FB page.

# 2 Cashing-out

TTG will be profitable through gamer-selectable advertising campaigns and other entertainment proposals (e.g. game trials, etc.).

We’ll pass most of the profits to all the gamers in the form of dividends based on the total number of GOAT possessed on a per user basis.

#3 Short-term exchange

You, the gamer, deserves the rewards from your gaming behaviours.
Your play, your invitations to friends, your participation is most important driven factors to game developers and the whole community!

So you’re thinking, it’s too long, waiting for 10k, 100k or 1M DAUs, right?

Don’t worry.

We’ve already planned an exchange method for GOAT to ROX in-app version 1.0.5. If your app version is already above 1.0.5, find this feature in-app TASK tab.

ROX is a crypto token from our Token Block Friends, which is already opened for daily withdrawal to ETH. (ETH, full named Ether, is a popular crypto coin from Ethereum, just like Bitcoin, and it is super easy to redeem to $USD or other fiat currencies).


  • Earn your GOAT->ROX->ETH->$USD in the short-term
  • Earn your GOAT->ETH->$USD in the early-middle stage
  • Earn your GOAT->$USD in the medium-term
  • Earn your GOAT by flying price in the long-term

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Feel free to contact us on Facebook or on Twitter if you have any further questions.

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