Top 5 Puzzle Games

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If you’ve read about our top 5 arcade games as well as the top 5 adventure games, it’s time to try out our top 5 puzzle games!

Puzzle Games: the type of games that help dispel the myth of the uselessness of video and mobile games. In fact, they improve your logic, pattern recognition, sequence solving, and word completion. Last but not least, logical and conceptual challenges also develop your abstract thinking.

Have we convinced you?

If not, it takes only 5 minutes to try our puzzle games out! In the meanwhile, you can earn up to 300 GOAT tokens by playing 3+ games on The Token Game (among the several ways you have to earn GOATs on our app).

So, if you’re looking for a stress release tool that is fun and at the same time trains your problem-solving skills, here are the top 5 puzzle games on The Token Game!

Candy Fusion

Imagine you can swallow at least 2 candies of the same colour at a time: this is what Candy Fusion is about!
Smash the candies according to their colours and complete all levels!

2048 Plus

2048 plus puzzle game

The concept is similar to Candy Fusion: match the numbers and crash them.
It may seem easy at first but as soon as you receive three or four different block numbers, things start to get complicated.
Find the right strategy to make sure you always have a plan B in case “luck” is not on your side!

Waffle Words

waffle words puzzle game

If you know Scrabble, Waffle won’t be any surprise to you, just a bit “sweeter”. Each box of your waffle contains a letter, which may or may not create a word with the following ones both diagonally, vertically, as well as horizontally. Find all the possible words in your waffle and move to the higher levels of the game.

Piggy Bank Adventure & Piggy Roll

We have picked two different games – Piggy Bank Adventure and Piggy Roll – whose common features are not only pigs but also the tasks’ logic.
While in Piggy Bank Adventure you have to “Cut Ropes” in order to “Collect Stars” and therefore “Get Money”, in Piggy Roll you need to feed the rolling pig with candies. “Let it roll” and make sure you’re in control of the piggy ball’s speed, otherwise it may fall on wooden spikes and pop!

Parking Block

The orange car must get out from the parking lot, and it’s your task to move also the other vehicles in order to make it possible!
The first levels are quite simple, but as soon as you move to level 15, you may change your mind.

45 levels, tons of vehicles to park, tons of bad parkers!

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