What is The Token Game?

The Token Game is an bold new adventure in minigames. Our aim is to create a great gamer experience by leaving it up to you to decide whether or not you want you gameplay interrupted by advertisements. But there’s more. We have created a platform where you can play cool games and earn money and tokens.

Why is it “ad free”? What’s the catch?

There’s no catch. Games here default to ad-free play. It’s that simple. If you wish to watch ads, that’s cool — and we’ll even reward you for watching ads.

What is GOAT?

GOAT is the token used by TTG Play games, invite a friend, share on social media and you earn GOATs!

GOATs may be cashed out for USD/BTC — see FAQ for details.

Why is our token called GOAT?

Goats are awesome! 

Also, G-O-A-T is sometimes used to mean “Greatest of All Time” and we think TTG is the Greatest mini-game APP of all time! 

In fact, GOAT stands for Games-Only Activity Token. Earn your GOATs just by playing games. No ads ever (unless you really want to watch them).

Ok. So, what’s a “token”?

You know what a token is. It’s the thing you sometimes use at the launderette to operate washers and dryers. Not too long ago, tokens were the coin-like objects you bought to use subways, or – in an arcade – you bought and put into the games machines to start game-play.

These days, when people talk about tokens (also called “altcoins), they are probably referring to encrypted stores of value — you know, like Bitcoin. They’re pretty cool, and many respected experts believe that they’ll soon be commonplace forms of currency. Tokens in this sense are associated with a technology called blockchain, which you’ve probably heard about. (For all we know, you might understand tokens and blockchain as well as we do.)  

It’s neat stuff — and in many ways, revolutionary. To learn more about blockchain, check out this article; and for tokens, this article. There’s a ton of information out there, and if you search either ‘token’ or ‘blockchain’ you’re sure to find months worth of reading.

So, what’s a token? It’s like a marker, or chip at a casino. It indicates the presence of value, value which you can exchange for something else of value — like money!

Our token is called the Goat. Why? Well, it was a toss-up between Toga and Goat, and goats are awesome. You ever see a goat climb a tree? Well they can. Cool beasts. So that’s why.

How do I make money and earn tokens?

Glad you asked. Sign-in, you get a token. Play games, you get a token. Recommend to a friend, or invite a friend, you get a token. That’s pretty much it — but read through our Rules section for the details.

Monetary rewards will be distributed to those who get in on The Token Game early, and fast — see the Rules section. But more importantly, the tokens you earn can be converted into Bitcoin and/or cash. This too is explained in the rules section — and by the way: there aren’t many rules and conditions. We’re looking for friends to share with us this experiment in ad-free gaming, so have a read of the Rules, and get to know better what this is all about.

Why would you pay me tokens and/or money to play games?

Excellent question. As you probably know, “free” games usually come with a string attached. That string is the ads you need to watch in order to continue playing, or to level-up. In many cases, your ability to unlock other games depends on how many ads you’ve watched.

And why is that? Because every time you watch an ad, someone makes a bit of money. That’s the business.

The Token Game is a global experiment in a different kind of model. It was inspired in part by something called the Basic Attention Token, which is associated with a web browser called Brave. (We are not affiliated or connected in any way with the company, by the way, and have zero personal or commercial relationship with them. But we dig what they’re trying to do.)

We recommend you check them out, because it will make understanding TTG easier; but here are the nuts and bolts. Game developers learn about player-behavior by studying how you play, how often you play a certain game, when you play, and even the device you play on. This information helps them create better, more challenging, and more interesting games — typically, the games you need to pay for, or accumulate points to unlock.

We’re gamers, and so we got to thinking, There’s got to be a better, more fair, and more transparent way! Our solution is to reward you for the time you spend playing our 100% ad-free games, because what we learn about your play helps us make awesome games. That’s it. It’s really that simple.

Now, if you agree to watch ads — yes, of course, we get a piece of the action from the advertisers. But we believe it should be your choice to watch ads, or not to watch ads. And if you agree to watch some, we’ll pay out tokens to you at  a rate 10X the rate we pay for your attention during ad-free play.

So you’re wondering, If you do that, doesn’t that mean we see less return from ad revenue? Yes, it does. But it seems to us that it’s fair to reward you for your part in the ad-viewing process. It also seems to us that this is a more transparent and fairer way of dealing with fellow gamers.

So, again: You watch some ads, and we pay-out more tokens — and we all make a little something while you’re having fun playing free games. (Lucky you.) Don’t want to watch ads? Cool. Don’t! Your uninterrupted gameplay still helps us (it helps us create better games), and so we’re going to reward you out of our own pockets for your role in our game-development mission.

Awesome. Ok, so, once I find myself with a bunch of Goats, what do I do with them?

That’s up to you. If you want to cash-out, and take their equivalent in cash or Bitcoin, that’s fine. Once we hit one million DAU (daily active users), those with Goats can cash-out. But you get to cash-out once, and once only.

If you want to use them to buy the new games we plan to roll-out, that’s cool too. We’re also taking steps to set-up a channel for you to donate your Goats to a charity — but both that and the game-purchase option are down the road a bit.

What we’d really like is for you to hold your Goats for a while, because we have some interesting ideas about options for use. We’re also open to hearing your thoughts about what we can do with them, so drop us a line. As we said at the beginning of the FAQ section, this is first-of-its-kind global experiment in ad-free gaming, and we’re working out some of the finer details as we go along. (See? Total transparency!)

When can I cash out/withdraw?

We will release the details regarding cash-out terms and conditions for GOATs, including the transfer of GOATs to USD, in December 2018. We’ll let you know when the details are available for your review, and will post notifications on our social media. 

GOATs can be exchanged to ROX. ROX are the official tokens of QUARRY, and ROX can be cashed-out through the APP. We will release terms and condition for GOAT-to-ROX exchanges by November 25th.

How do I collaborate with The TokenGame?

If you are a game developer or game publisher, this is how it works:

GOATs can be exchanged to ROX. ROX are the official tokens of QUARRY, and ROX can be cashed-out through the APP. We will release terms and condition for GOAT-to-ROX exchanges by November 25th.

  • Verify your identity as a game developer/publisher.
  • Provide a version of your game without ads; we will bring you traffic.
  • TheTokenGame will gradually introduce ads into the APP, but ads will be shown only to users who choose to and agree to viewing ads. Your game will receive a share of ad revenue, the details of which will be specified later.
  • For high quality games, we offer to pay a fee for the game, primarily but not necessarily solely in the form of tokens supported by USD. This token payment model will be based on actual traffic towards your game.
  • We will soon be launching TheTokenGame Developers’ Community Channel. Join in the conversation and stay updated on how TTG can help game developers.